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A Gorilla Christmas Tale


Now 2019 has come to an end,

And 2020 draws ever-closer,

Our warmest wishes we extend,

As we tuck into our Christmas roaster!


This year has been busy,

Yet we never once panicked,

Even when the workload left us dizzy,

Working with Sage, CompTIA, even Nutanix.


Channel marketing can feel like a losing fight,

But Gorilla has helped the masses,

Providing B2B leads so fresh and bright,

You’ll need your sunglasses.


So we’ll see you again as 2020 begins,

We’re sure next year won’t be vanilla,

So until then, relax, recharge, share some grins

And happy holidays – from all of us here at Gorilla.


Happy Holidays from Gorilla EMEA!

(Enjoy the festive break! Gorilla will be back in the new year) 

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