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The World’s Best Vine Videos

  • On February 18, 2014
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Vine is a mobile app that’s creating a storm in the User Generated Content world. Much like its owner, Twitter, users are very limited in the amount of content they are allowed to share.

Where Twitter gives users the challenge to squeeze their message into a precious 140 characters, Vine allows users a fleeting 7 seconds of video content to create a short looping clip that will hopefully gain them followers and a virtual ‘thumbs up’.  The potential virtual impact that could be generated from this platform is so great that companies like Pepsi and Virgin have used Vine to steer their marketing campaigns.

Fun On The Treadmill

Since its creation in June 2012, a hierarchy has built up within the app from amateurs to masters of the app. As pre-recorded video content isn’t allowed, spontaneity and creativity is pushed to its limits

The top three Vine creators; Pinot, YellDesign and Khoa.


Pinot’s signature content often involves stop-motion animation and pencil sketches, and it can take 2-3 days of pre-production and 2 hours of filming before his final 6 second story is ready. While this might sound hardcore, he has been approached by the BBC amongst others. His family is his inspiration, and he uses the looping feature as a way of reinforcing his message.

Yell Design

YellDesign is run by graphic designer and marketer Matt Willis. He is also a stop-motion specialist who thrives in finding ways to place objects in unusual places. He can prepare and shoot a video in less than 3 hours. His advice for fellow Vine users is to focus more on creating excellent content and not get caught up in the potential followers and likes they might gain.


Khoa uses stop-motion but with a twist. His platform is paper, a simple object but with endless possibilities, something that Khoa demonstrates beautifully in his videos. He prefers to shoot using his phone, which means total production time only takes up to 1 hour. His videos have given him work with Samsung, MTV and other TV giants. Khoa pushes his imagination on every Vine and he promises that he recycles too!

Whether you’re a Vine virgin or a budding master, have a go at doing something new, crazy and possibly wonderful. You might even get a call from Coca Cola offering you a job!

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