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Building Your Partner Enablement Strategy


The concept of a Partner Enablement Strategy has been around for decades – but in recent years, it’s become mandatory. If you’re not enabling your partners effectively, get ready for poor ROI and a high partner drop-off rate.

Following on from our ‘Basics of Channel Enablement’ post last week, we’ll be breaking down the required steps when it comes to building your Partner Enablement Strategy. Whilst that post showed you why you need a Partner Enablement Strategy, this one will show you how to build and implement your ideal strategy.

It’s a great idea to visualise your plan by creating a chart, or roadmap. Gorilla has put together a sample roadmap, outlining the steps in a basic Partner Enablement Strategy.


Partner Onboarding

The first and most crucial step – it is important to onboard partners the right way.

Once you’ve picked the right partners (more on this here) – be sure to give them all the necessary information about your business, as this helps set them up from the get-go to become robust representatives of your channel. You’ll also want to introduce them to their points of contact within your business to avoid any confusion later on.


Target Alignment & Goal Setting

This can be done once you’ve successfully onboarded your partners. It is important to confirm that partners are made aware of expectations, company goals and sales targets.

When partners have your sales targets fresh in their minds, the chance of those targets being hit increases. Keep targets and goals updated throughout training.


Product Education

How can partners effectively sell your product/service if they know nothing about it?

Educating partners on new products & updates is crucial to any Partner Enablement Strategy. Allow partners to share the knowledge you give them onto prospects and watch your sales figures increase.


Sales Training

Continuing on from the last point, you’ll also want to provide partners with the most effective sales methods for your target demographic.

You’ll want to teach them how to best interact with your audience, and let them know of any past success stories they could incorporate.


Partner Tools

They’ve got the product knowledge, they’ve got the sales knowledge, now give them the right tools to turn that knowledge into cold hard sales.

Whether it’s an effective communication tool, sales tool or partner management tool, train partners how to get the best out of this software and watch productivity skyrocket.


Keeping Partners Updated

So, you’ve successfully onboarded your partners, loaded them up with product/audience information and trained them how to use your sales tools. Done?

…Not quite. The key to a successful Partner Enablement Strategy lies within the vendor’s ability to keep partners up-to-date with new products and software as soon as it becomes available. We’ve seen vendors achieve great success with bi-monthly partner training sessions to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Partner Feedback

Over the years, the number of vendors who treat channel enablement as a one-way street has dwindled. This is an outdated model that simply doesn’t work in 2019.

To avoid a similar fate, utilise partner feedback. They make up your sales force, and as such shouldn’t be pushed aside.

Partners are in near-constant contact with your target audience. Give your partners a chance to report any feedback they have received during your training sessions. The best businesses are the ones that listen to this feedback and make necessary changes to suit the wants and needs of the audience.



Gorilla are the Channel Experts. We’re adept at creating winning partner enablement strategies, and we know how to bridge the all-important gap between vendor and partner. Let us take the stress out of your channel with our tried-and-tested Channel Marketing Services. Click Here to get in touch.

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