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B2B Cold Calling: Dead in the Water?


Considering the Cold Call dates back to the 1800s, it has enjoyed much more staying power in the market compared to most other methods of marketing.

If you work as a channel partner or a channel marketing company, there’s a good chance cold calling will still be used in your lead generation efforts today.

Despite its tremendous tenacity, there’s no doubt the effectiveness has fallen – according to HubSpot, it took 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a potential customer back in 2007. In  2019, it can take up to 8 attempts on average.


When Cold Calling WON’T Work


Put simply, generational differences are the biggest contributors to Cold Calling’s decline.

Cold calling initially saw a slight drop-off in effectiveness when the internet became mainstream. The final nail in the coffin came with the insurgence of Millennials who insisted on using it!

The truth is, millennials generally prefer email communications. A study by Bank My Cell found that ‘75% of millennials avoid incoming calls for fear they’ll be time-consuming’ (1,200 respondents between 22 and 37 years old). Put in a blunter fashion, they don’t like the fact you have to go through necessities, small-talk, etc – all easily avoided in a quick email.

81% of the same respondents acknowledged that they sometimes feel anxious about talking on the phone.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, if your trendy new start-up aims to target younger consumers, cold calling will likely do very little for you. Online lead generation methods will serve you far, far better!



When Cold Calling WILL Work


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably not holding out much hope for cold calling after a few solid paragraphs of me telling you how it doesn’t work anymore.

Well, hear me out – cold calling still offers some major benefits that you can’t get through emails.


  • Immediate Feedback – Email recipients often won’t even read your email, let alone provide instant, on-the-spot feedback. This can be particularly valuable if you work at a channel marketing company.


  • Simple – As mentioned, Cold Calling is a very old It may not provide the ROI, leads and the time-saving aspect of a mass-email campaign, but the simplicity means almost anyone can do it, regardless of budget. All you need now is a winning script!


  • Boomers – We’ve already gone through the reasons why you shouldn’t target millennials with phone calls. However, if you’re primarily targeting an older age demographic, a phone call might just be the way to their heart (and/or wallet).
  • Boomers, in particular, may be thrilled to receive a phone call – many are technophobes to some extent and prefer a more personal form of communication.



To summarise, then: Is cold calling dead in the water?


Yes. And no.


It fully depends on your circumstances, such as your targeted demographic and your available budget. Cold calling can be made to work, but you will need to ensure callers are trained to be as effective and understanding as possible.


Additionally, ensure you’re getting the right numbers – ZoomInfo found that 62% of organisations rely on prospect data that is 20-40% inaccurate or incomplete. Ensure you’re not wasting your time, effort, or investment by getting in touch with Gorilla. Gorilla is the Channel Marketing company with the skills and experience needed to help you generate more leads, enable your partners, and everything else you’ll need to fully optimise your channel.


For more information on how to optimise and maintain channel growth, click here to get in touch.

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