Google Adverts Platform: Control Who Sees Your Ads

Control Who Sees Your Ads With The New Changes To the Google Adverts Platform

Following on the heels of the big changes to the Google Adverts platform comes another big change to how adverts are going to work going forward. Rolling out in late August, advertisers will be given a third headline to their adverts, and the text limit for descriptions is going to improve from 80 characters to 90. Not only that, adverts will be able to have two descriptions instead of just one.

Google themselves have suggested using the extra headline and description for specific information that you wouldn’t have had the space to add beforehand. For example, if you’re a retailer, you would use the two headlines to show off your name and key information. You could now add special offers or shipping information to the third headline to give more important details to your audience right up front. For users of the Google Adverts platform, this is a game changer.

These changes have been taken from the Google feature of Responsive Search Ads, which have been in beta since May 2018. Responsive Search Adverts are a tool to create a single ad with multiple headlines and descriptions, with Google testing combinations of them to create the advert that is most likely to lead to a conversion or whatever the advertisers stated goal is.

These changes are keeping in line with Google’s goal of increasing the level of machine learning that takes place in Google Adverts. Features such as Dynamic Search Ads, Automated Rules and Automated Ad Rotations have all been added in the last few years to increase advertisers use of Google’s own automatic features, and since the new layout has been introduced, automatic features have been shown to be more successful and useful for Google users.

This is going to be a big improvement for advertisers looking to make sure they can get all their information across to their users. The headlines are the most important part of a Google advert, as they stand out the most and are how most people browsing the search rankings are going to judge whether they should click on an ad at all. A third headline is going to be very eye catching, especially early on when the change is a new thing.

At 8-Digital, we’re always keeping an eye on the newest features and updates, and are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. We make sure that any campaign we run takes full advantage of any tools and features that Google Adverts grants us to get the best results possible for our clients.

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