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Expansion of the Internet means greater competition for Marks and Spencer’s

The shocking news that Britain has been faced with is the ‘radical’ plan to close 100 stores of one of Britain’s most favourite high-street stores Marks and Spencer’s by 2022. It has already closed 20 of its stores which has caused the loss of 900 jobs for staff. Marks and Spencer’s has dominated the UK clothing market for decades, but its lead at being number one has been threatened due to greater competition from the internet. M&S chief executive Steve Rowe’s has announced that ‘the closure of the stores is vital for the future of the struggling retail business’. He then goes on to mention that ‘investments must be made into the warehousing needed to support the growth of its website as sales move online’.

As the internet is becoming increasingly easier to shop around on and compare prices it has become one of the biggest platforms for sales and advertising. Retail expert Global Data says ‘about a quarter of fashion and footwear is now bought online in the UK’. This is where M&S have struggled to adapt and therefore seen a loss in their profits. The chief executive of M&S believes that by shifting its sales to online it will help to save M&S from completely closing. Something that M&S will need to be aware of when trying to push for more sales from its website is its web design services. In the digital age that we live in, a well-designed and well-structured website is an important component to the success and running of a business. Trends and tools evolve constantly so it is important to stay up to date with the most recent web designs to benefit your business in terms of profit and public image. This is something that will be extremely important for M&S after all the publicity they have had from the store closures.

This is a time for Marks & Spencer’s to take the opportunity, learn from its competitors so that it can bring its marketing approach up to speed to try and fight its way back. If you need help with your social media marketing or website development services, then look no further, here at 8-digital we take pleasure in being able to provide you with excellent service on creating and managing social media campaigns and web development, Oxfordshire. For more information contact us today on 01295817638 or send us an email at info@8-digital.com

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