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Facebook Homes In On Local Search

  • On April 18, 2013
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Facebook is developing its stance and pushing the accelerator on its local mobile strategy. Earlier this year we saw the launch of Facebook’s new graph search that has a large focus on local results and is soon to become a fairly effective recommendation engine.

By the end of 2013 Facebook could further strengthen its hold as the number 2 local search app so it’s important for businesses that use it to understand exactly how their companies are showing up in Facebook news feeds.

Below are some ways that local businesses make it into Facebook;

  • “Link” buttons on local business sites
  • “Share on Facebook” buttons from local review sites, local deal sites and other business directories
  • Check-in apps
  • Location data attached to images (e.g.  Instagram)
  • Bing Local (Bing provides the default Web search on Facebook)
  • Business owners adding their own data

Some more aspects that are vital to local search on Facebook are;

Facebook Map

Every Facebook user has a map included in their individual profile that shows all the places they have ever checked in too or any places they have been tagged. Hear you could check out your customers’ Facebook Maps to get a better idea of where they go and what they do, so you can better target them. If they tag into your business then all their friends will be able to see as well making it great for brand awareness.

Status Updates from Location

Facebook users can add a location to a Facebook status update and Facebook often prompts the user to select from a list of nearby businesses.

Facebook Places Results

When Facebook detects a query with local intent in its main search app, the user is shown Places results from claimed Facebook Pages for relevant businesses.

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