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How To: Generating Leads from Events


It’s no surprise that, in a world of cold emails, cold calling and cold weather (in the UK at least) face-to-face networking yields, by far, the highest conversion rate out of any activity involved in generating leads.

Fresh from the Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Copenhagen, Gorilla has put together a handy list of tips & tricks to ensure you’re maximising lead generation from the functions and events you attend.


1. Plan in Advance!

Let’s go obvious early – plan your event strategy BEFORE you get to the event!
This may seem conspicuous to some; however you wouldn’t believe the number of people we see at conferences planning that very morning.

It’s important to keep in mind that your stand won’t be the only one there. Chances are, there will be 10 other companies there just like yours, and there’s a good chance they’ll have been planning their stand for months in advance.

Even if your company has a better product, a better service or better connections. It won’t matter if your team hasn’t planned an effective way to communicate this, when the new start-up a few stands down has nailed their pitch, and is creating a buzz that’s drawing bigger crowds throughout the day.


2. Don’t make your pitch too Generic

If you’ve ever been the victim of receiving a generic sales pitch, you’ll know how it feels to be sat there thinking about how many hundreds, thousands, or maybe millions of times this person has said these exact, well-rehearsed words.

The fact that businesses still do this frankly baffles me.

Research has shown that half of all B2B event attendees said they were most interested in how a product/service can help THEIR business. In addition, more than a quarter wanted to see the exhibitor understanding their business wants and needs.

Time to put those tired old sales pitches to bed, and instead focus on how your product can make your prospect’s life easier, more productive or more profitable.


3. If your main tactic is the Hard Sell, expect No Sell

What’s the one pitch worse than the generic pitch? The hard pitch.

We understand your business has sales targets to reach. We understand you might be under a lot of pressure to hit said targets.

But this doesn’t mean hard selling is the way to achieve this. You’ll end up having the opposite effect, as forcing the sale often makes you/your business look rude, ignorant, and insulting.
Your sales pitch shouldn’t be a one-way street. Invite your prospect to ask questions, and try to learn more about their business and how your solution can help them. Generating leads is much easier when you’re focusing on what you can do for them, instead of simply how much money they can give you.

(Note – prepare to set aside an hour or two ensuring everyone at your stand has an in-depth knowledge of the service/product you’re selling before the event!)


4. Don’t expect people to come to your stand just because it’s there

How engaging is your stand?

This means the visuals, the quotes, the CTA’s and the clarity. Could you tell what your product/service is offering just by looking at the stand?

Ask the more creatively-minded members of your team to provide design input and feedback – bland and boring stands look unprofessional, and may convey to attendees that your business is inexperienced or unable to provide class-leading services.

Many businesses go for props to entice attendees. A free gadget, toy, or even a bowl of complimentary sweets can act as excellent icebreakers. As long as your sales pitch can live up to the initial hype of getting something for free, these pens/sweets will effectively pay for themselves – several times over.

Failing this, most people are engaged by eye contact and a friendly greeting. If you’re going for a more casual approach, you can’t beat friendliness and a good smile.


After the Event

Hopefully, your pitch was good enough to generate a nice list of quality leads for your nurturing pleasure. Remember, post-event contact is crucial, and many hot leads are lost here, due to poor timing.
Seize the moment, for nearly a fifth of B2B event attendees said they would like further contact within 24 hours. An additional 47% wanted to be contacted within 3-4 days.

Don’t slack, email your leads. Ask them questions, and provide value.

If you’re interested in taking your lead generation up a few notches, get in touch by clicking here. We offer a range of Channel Development services, aimed at generating leads, brand awareness, improving vendor-partner relationships, and much more – all fully bespoke and tailored to your business.


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