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All You Need To Know About Google Lighthouse 3.0

With the Google Speed Update rolling out since the 9th of July, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your website speed and ultimately user experience are up to scratch. Thankfully the Google Lighthouse tool has recently undergone a major update to the 3.0 version which makes it easier for webmasters to identify all the issues stopping the desired user experience.

What’s New?

If you’re familiar with Google Lighthouse , you might be wondering how the 3.0 update differs from previous versions. The major change in this release is the speed of audits, here at 8-Digital we’ve noticed a considerable reduction of the time it takes to generate audits. This is down to a new internal auditing engine codenamed ‘Lantern’. Now Google Lighthouse runs the audit based on your own network and CPU conditions and then emulates a mobile environment.

Thanks to a collaboration between Chrome UX and lighthouse we have also received a new UI which makes reading and analysing audit results clearer than ever. Further to this, we’ve received a host of other improvements including invocation and scoring changes, new audits and CSV export option. The latter will definitely prove useful for anyone providing SEO services – no more copy and paste!

How can Google Lighthouse help me?

Even though Google haven’t specified what exactly they deem to be a fast and user friendly page or more importantly how webmasters can confirm their sites meet Google’s criteria. Google has suggested that Lighthouse is one of the tools which webmasters consult when optimising their websites. While Google Lighthouse isn’t the ultimate tool that will transform your website’s SEO over night, it’s a definitely a good resource compiling a wide range of tests into one simple report.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to talk to us! Don’t hesitate to drop us a call on 01295 817638.

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