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Google Now Warns Webmasters About Bad Links

  • On April 13, 2012
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Google has recently increased warning messages to webmasters and one of the most common emails is about ‘unnatural’  links pointing to your site.

8-Digital-ImagePlaceHolder2Bad link emails have started to increase in frequency, not because webmasters are doing it more or Google has got better at identifying websites,  but  because Google has decided to cooperate more with webmasters.

That said, if a webmaster reply’s to one of those messages via a reconsideration request, Google may give you specific example of the URLs that are pointing to your site that they find to be “unnatural”.  Typically, the information is not included in the initial message but on follow up from a Google control editor (yes a real human!) might give some specific examples if they feel it necessary.

A webmaster on SEOmoz’s Q&A page shares part of a response Google has given him:

Google usually reply’s along these lines:

“There are still many inorganic links pointing to your site. Here are some examples:”

If you do get this message, it doesn’t mean you were penalized straightaway, it just means Google has stepped up sending emails on bad links. It’s great to see Google being more transparent about issues that could prevent your website from ranking well in their search engine.

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