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“Instant on” web search by Splashtop

  • On July 26, 2009
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Splashtop allows users to access email, chat with friends share photos and surf the net seconds after turining on their computer.

“Search is the tip of the iceberg in being able to offer a lot of different web services, but when you think about where people spend their time online, it’s in search,” Mr Bottoms, senior director of product management, told BBC News.

It has been reported by Comscore that in June  Americans performed  14 billion + core searches, up from 10.8 billion in 2008.

Dave Bottoms of DeviceVM, the company that make Splahtop, said they estimated that by the end of this year, Splashtop -and the “instant internet revolution” that it heralds – will be on 40 million devices.

“Instead of typing in Facebook.com in the address bar, users are typing it into the search box.”

Users will be greated with a front page that offers a free Yahoo search box.

“The search distribution landscape is changing, and instant search is one of the ways Yahoo provides our users with a convenient and highly accessible Yahoo search experience,” remarked Tim Mayer, vice president of North America search and social experiences for Yahoo.

As well as standard PC’s and laptops, the company believes that the high demand for netbooks will increase demand for the software. It is estimated that 33 million will be sold this year – double last year.

A great highlight of the Power of Search and the importance to get your website optimised.

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