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Link building tips in a post panda world.

  • On July 12, 2012
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As most of you will be aware lots of websites have experienced a decrease in traffic and keyword rankings after the latest Google algorithmic change. This is due to how Google are now looking at inbound links to a website and we need to be more cautious about how it can affect us. Not only has this algorithmic change affected small businesses but it has also targeted high page rank websites and large brands such as Forbes and ezine articles.

SEO and link building strategies have completely changed since the arrival of the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm update. The old methods that were traditionally used are now being penalized by Google. Below are some tips on good link building strategies:

1.    Exact Anchor Links

Before this algorithm change you would usually aim for 30-50% of exact anchor links, the best practice is to now aim for around 5-10% of these links as Google deems this to be more ‘natural’

2.    Increase Your Junk Anchors

Junk anchors are text links such as ‘click here’ ‘read more’ etc. that can be used anywhere on the web. Junk anchors look natural and can’t be avoided when it comes to creating call to actions.

3.    Don’t Buy Links

Although paid links might drive some traffic to your site it will be low quality traffic. Also by buying links you are running the risk of getting caught and penalized by Google.


There is no short cut when it comes to long term ranking results. Although buying links, creating exact-match anchor keywords and taking part in link exchanges can get you short-term results you will eventually get struck by Google’s algorithm and pay for it with a dramatic drop in rankings.

There’s only one real authentic way to build links and that’s to create good, quality content that people love and will link to. Yes it takes time to build relevant, useful and compelling links that both people and Google view as significant and valuable – but it’s what’s here to stay.

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