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The Challenges of Partner to Partner Ecosystems

In today’s world of complex purchasing dynamics, it is no longer sufficient to focus sales efforts solely on the hierarchy within the Information Technology industry. Line-of-business management is far more relevant, and purchasing decisions are much more important. These decisions rely on input from multiple sources. This includes outside advisers, vertical business consultants, internet research, technical and management consulting firms and complementary software vendors. Partner to partner ecosystems have never been more important.

We know selling part of a solution is no longer satisfactory. Whilst your value proposition may be detailed and well defined, it is more beneficial to be part of a more complete solution that offers the exact benefits your customers want. This can be hard to effectively achieve alone, which is where complementary vendor partners come in – you help them expand their customer footprint and open new markets, whilst they help you extend the reach of your brand and generate important new revenue.

The Gorilla Solution

Over a decade ago, Gorilla pioneered one of the world’s first Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Ecosystems – the incredibly successful IBM ValueNet Initiative. From then, we’ve proven our value by repeating that success time and time again.

By utilizing our proprietary partner-search-and-matching algorithm in our partner ecosystem toolkit, we can identify individual, unexpected and highly scalable partner-to-partner matches that provide exceptional opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

With over half of all channel deals delivered by multiple providers, it is a business model you can leverage to great effect. Our proven ecosystem toolkit, extensive experience and structured methodology that benchmarks progress to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensures our model works – allow us to show you how it can work for you.

The Gorilla Partner to Partner Ecosystems Process:

  • Develop a customer-solution strategy.
  • Segment and profile partners using up to 300 variables.
  • Classify all of the possible partner opportunities.
  • Analyze the data through our Partner Matching Software.
  • Identify the most strategic/productive opportunities.
  • Develop go-to-market plans.
  • Define optimum value. Propositions and industry plays.
  • Create forecasts, close the loop, and finalize all deals.
  • Measure and track KPIs.

The Gorilla Benefits

Get proven results – We pioneered P2P ecosystems with IBM, achieving an outstanding annual growth rate in new green-field revenue.

Scale to any volume – As soon as a pilot program is defined, our workflow and software infrastructure rapidly scales, even worldwide if needed.

See real-time results – Our real-time online reporting system effortlessly integrates with your sales CRM and gives you up-to-the-minute visibility of all your partner ecosystem teams.