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The Challenge

Can your company afford not to have a solid channel marketing strategy? What about partner relationship management?

The indirect channel remains a top priority to IT vendors, both on premise and cloud alike. A solid channel strategy will be fundamental when building a profitable portfolio of solutions and delivering consistent growth.

A Partner Centric Channel Portal plays a vital role in the way vendors are perceived by the channel. PRM allows for all the control vendors require, whilst adding value to its partners without being intrusive.

The challenge is there. The market is as competitive as ever, and mid-market clients are just as demanding as ever. If your channel is to thrive, you’ll need to be able to offer a state-of-the-art customer journey to your partners – a journey that almost always begins with the Partner Portal.

The Gorilla Partner Relationship Management Solution

To solve this challenge is no easy feat. But by partnering with a leading SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management system, Impartner, Gorilla found a comprehensive solution.

By implementing this award-winning turnkey PRM solution, Gorilla can help customers manage relationships with their partners from a single enterprise-class web portal which is secure, flexible and user friendly.

Whether it’s partner onboarding, pipeline management, co-branded lead generation, MDF management, CRM integration, deal registration, analytics or reporting – Impartner can tackle all the major needs of a strong channel program with the ability to cater to any specific needs of each customer, thanks to its modular structure.

Gorilla guarantees a complete partner onboarding process in just 30 days. See how your organisation can benefit from our exclusive channel marketing concierge service, that will get your new partner portal up and running in no time – allowing you to focus on what’s important, such as building long-lasting relationships with trusted partners and generating growth through the channel.

The Gorilla Benefits

  • Better Results on Investments.

Enjoy improved ROI through the use of our cutting-edge services.

  • Continuous Improvement and Accountability.

Analyse just how well your organisation is performing towards partners.

  • Innovation

Future-proof your organisation and embrace the next generation of SaaS channel systems.