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SEO Success in 2020

The world of SEO is a world that is constantly changing and evolving. Be it Google’s relentless update schedule, changing consumer trends or the constant shifting of SEO strategies, SEO success and best practice will certainly not be the same by the end of 2020.

Experts are predicting the following regarding SEO in 2020:

  • Customer reviews will become more relevant than ever in terms of SEO – more positive reviews will result in a higher search ranking.
  • It is estimated that 50% of searches by 2020 will be voice-based. This means increased importance around long-tail keywords.
  • Priority will be given to sites with better user engagement.

To prevent your sites’ SEO from dropping behind, Gorilla EMEA has put together some of the most significant SEO trends, tips and tricks going into 2020 to ensure you stay up-to-date.


Voice SEO will become more dominant

According to BrightLocal, roughly 56% of active users have searched for a local business from a smartphone using voice control in the past 12 months.

This is rapid growth that SEO specialists can no longer ignore. Here are some more voice search stats to blow your mind:

  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 (comScore)
  • Around 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020 (Gartner)
  • Voice recognition will be a $601 million industry by the end of 2019 (Technavio)
  • There were an estimated one billion voice searches per month in 2018. With smart speaker sales rising dramatically, this will have increased in 2019. (AI.)

Studies from Google show that the main things people are voice searching for include deals, sales and promotions, personalised tips & info and business information such as store location or opening times.

To fully optimise your voice search SEO, you must keep in mind that people speak to their phones differently than they type on them.

For example, if someone was looking for a new car, they might type “best small car”. If they were to voice search they are more likely to say, “What is the best small car in 2019?”

This naturally means that long-tail and question-based keywords will become more important going into 2020. Be sure to think of what people may ask about your business.

Performance and User Experience: The Key to SEO Success

Google’s latest updates have put more of a focus on user experience than ever before. It doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon.

Ultimately, search engines require the best possible user experience to keep users engaged and happy.

With 5G mobile networks set to enter the mainstream in 2020, users (and search engines) will expect your website to keep up with the lightning-fast connection speeds.

As it stands, people currently expect a site to load within 3 seconds before they consider leaving. This time will likely shorten as faster internet speeds become the norm, so ensure your site can keep up.


With SEO best practice constantly changing, it is important you keep your site fully compliant before you start seeing sudden drop-offs in traffic as we move towards 2020.

Gorilla EMEA offers a professional B2B SEO service to keep you compliant without the hassle. For more information, click here.

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