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Creative Design

The online world is louder than ever, so it’s no wonder companies across the globe are turning to visuals to get their point across. Visuals are performing better than text based content across all marketing mediums. This is why creative design is crucial.

With a proven track record of producing high quality digital designs for a wide range of purposes, our team will help your organisation engage your audience with stunning creative designs.

The Benefits of Infographics  

Easily Digestible: Infographics put large amounts of information into a simple and accessible format. Not to mention our brains process the information quicker (60,000 times quicker).  Do you remember the 80% what they see and 20% what they read rule? Well, an infographic fits into this rule of thumb rather nicely.

Increases brand awareness: When it comes to branding, colours, fonts and logos are all useful nuggets of information you can include in your infographic.  They’ll be part of an image the brain finds quicker to interpret.

Encourages story telling:  Narratives are easily implemented into infographics which is good news because our brains naturally relate to stories. Stories help to explain the world around us, they foster trust, enable communication and evoke emotion.  From a content marketing perspective, stories help to create positive interaction and increased engagement, indirectly contributing to improved SEO performance – as it’s a way of showing Google that users interact well with your website!

Our results show….

Clients have seen engagement rates rise upwards of 23% when utilising infographic content created by Gorilla EMEA across their websites and social media.

Our strength is showing people yours.

The Benefits of a Professionally Designed Logo

Can you name a household brand with a boring logo?

A logo isn’t your brand, but it’s certainly part of your brand’s identity.  The main objective of any logo is to summarise the characteristics and qualities of a business into its most appealing and clear-cut form.

Professional Designed Logo Benefits include:

Makes a great first impression – you’ve only got 7 seconds to do this!

Created with a strategy by a professional – this is done by all the household brands

Correct files and resolutions – to be displayed across all networks without impairing quality 

Show don’t tell – that’s our design motto. Contact us by phone or fill out the contact form to further discuss your creative design project with us.