Mobile Optimisation for Websites and Responsive Web Design


Mobile Optimisation Services

It’s clear that mobile is not just a growing market, it’s a market to really dive into, with smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia now common place. The use of mobile devices such as the iPad and Android tablets are set to double this year and Google is already starting to report on higher click through rates for some mobile searches. However, mobile optimisation is commonly neglected when it comes to web building.

There’s now an estimated 2.8 billion mobile devices in the world and smart phones are now outselling PC’s!

We truly do live in a Mobile World and it is the reason that businesses now understand that mobile optimisation for your website is a vital compliment to your desktop website and ensures your audience stays with you at all times.

Mobile websites are unique to Apps in that they do not rely on different operating systems in order to function correctly – therefore if you have one customer using Android and another using Apple’s operating system – they will both be able to access your information. Your regular website might be hard or even impossible to use on mobile platforms. There is a very limited amount of screen space so the design of your website has to be responsive.

Mobile Search Engines

Did you know? Google has a separate index for mobile content. This index is fairly empty at the moment and your business could be the first in your region with mobile presence. If you’re not representing yourself on the mobile web, your competition will surely take up the opportunity.

Key benefits of Mobile Web include:

  • Enforced brand awareness
  • New communications method via the world’s most personal technology
  • New business and revenue possibilities

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