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SMB’s Set To Increase Their Digital Marketing Budgets

  • On October 3, 2012
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It seems to be a well-known fact that 2012 has been a spectacular year for small business marketing on the web especially in terms of social media. Recent studies have shown that 67% of businesses agree that social media is an integral part of their marketing mix and 66% say that is integral to their overall business strategy.

Many years ago, small local businesses would place an ad in a Yellow Pages or a distributed magazine and be confident that it would get a lot of exposure and would hit a large per cent of its market. Although these methods do still exist it has become much more common and beneficial for companies to use multiple media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Below is an image showing the percentage of businesses that are using each social media platform.

Along with this, recent facts showed that 64% of businesses used social media pages for brand awareness, 25% used it for customer service and 44% used social media pages such as Facebook solely for marketing campaigns.

Due to these newly released figures and the growing awareness that target audiences are mainly based online it comes as no surprise that more and more SMB’s are investing in online marketing and many are increasing their budgets.

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