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Taking your Channel Sales Results to the Next Level

Working in channel sales is, in many ways, a lot like herding cats.

You are essentially relying on a separate organisation, team, or person to sell your products for you – a big deal when B2B sales are already difficult enough, without not knowing what said organisation/team/person is actually getting up to. On the flip side, many vendors expect their channels to simply behave like a part of their own organization – which they aren’t – certainly leading to problems in the long run.

So how do you strike the balance with your channel partners and boost your channel sales? Let’s run through a few key strategies used by the best channel management vendors in the business to help bolster your performance.

  1. Onboard New Partners

This one is fairly simple – how would a vendor company expect to grow if they are not onboarding any new partners? The key here is more about how companies onboard new partners. Vague directions and a weak motive do not make for strong channel sales.

Putting the correct tools in place to quickly and efficiently onboard new partners is imperative to a growing vendor business – you’ll need to provide a platform that will enable your channel partners to begin selling your products and services with optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Today’s top PRM solutions can help provide software channel management to improve your partner development and efficiency, with both new and existing partners.

  1. Communicate with your partners – and then communicate some more

What’s the fastest way to dissuade, demotivate and confuse your partners? Easy – by not properly communicating with them.

Everybody wants to boost sales, but not everyone will naturally go about doing so in the same way – different organisations will have different perspectives. The most effective method of partner development begins with proper communication.

With conflicting schedules and availability, we know communication can’t always be consistent. However, it should be made clear for partners who to contact regarding issues, queries and everything else, such as technical support for your services and products. If you want to fully optimise your channel sales partnerships, keeping the lines of communication consistent and open is essential.

Additionally, the feedback your partners provide is certainly worth listening to. As they are in the unique position of having the most direct contact with your audience, their feedback can be critical when it comes to improving products and services.

  1. Introduce Defined Incentives & Rewards

Partner enablement is much more effective when your partners are motivated and have a clear goal in mind. By giving them something of value to work towards, you are significantly boosting morale, and therefore, sales.

Whilst incentive programmes are common ground these days, a good percentage are largely ineffective. This is due to them not being clearly defined, or of too little value. Incentive programmes need clearly outlined metrics in order to be effective – maybe a clear expectation of revenue yield for each channel, or a certain sales percentage. You must do research on this to ensure the rewards are achievable for each partner – setting the bar too high can have the adverse effect, leading to frustration and demotivation.


There is more to boosting your channel sales results than what is written in this article – the partner-vendor relationship is a complex one that nobody can 100% understand, however the key points mentioned here are a good start towards improving channel partner relationships – thus boosting sales results.

Gorilla offers a world-class Channel Marketing Concierge service, which provides the channel sales support required by both vendors and partners alike. In addition, Gorilla can provide you with a channel marketing strategy plan, as well as just about any other service regarding the channel, to help make your job easier as well as ensuring you get the sales results you’re after.

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