Marketing Tools and Technology from Gorilla Corporation EMEA



We have a simple, fast, automated way to get the company and customer contact information you need: the Gorilla Silverback Data Mining Suite. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, you simply type in a company name and it’s URL. A powerful marketing tool, Gorilla Silverback automatically finds and searches the site and gathers the names, titles and contact information you need. Once it’s finished harvesting the information, Gorilla Silverback can automatically download it to a spreadsheet or your CRM system, ready for prospecting.


Gorilla Connect is designed to empower the sales and marketing efforts of both your company and your partners. Best of all, it helps sales people get the materials they need without logging into a portal or producing a sales report. As part of your channel sales support system, Gorilla Connect lets you:

Provide content and marketing campaigns to your partners and sales people and get usage and engagement reports in real-time.

See what collateral your partner sales representatives are sending to their customers.

Gain insights into what marketing materials those customers are receiving.

Get real-time, closed-loop lead tracking on all leads delivered to your partners.


A versatile global channel marketing automation platform, StructuredWeb gives you the powerful tools you need to fully integrate your entire marketing effort, it provides complete, ready-to-go campaigns with more than fifteen powerful, multi-touch marketing tools, including inbound, social, email, digital advertising (AdWords, Retargeting), content syndication, webinars, direct mail and more. It ensures that partners will simply have to select the campaign to run, and it will automatically co-brand and customise the marketing collateral to create a collaborative and scalable marketing campaign.