E-Commerce Web Design: Getting Design and Funcitonality Right

Tips to getting the design and functionality right for your E-commerce business

When your business solely relies on sales via a website, it is important to get your e-commerce web design and development team to create something that not only works for you, but for your customers too. This involves spending a lot of time creating a simple process of making a purchase and ensuring a good user experience. Whether launching a new site or altering an existing one, it is important to bear in mind that more than ever customers turn to the internet to buy what they want, when they want – and they want it quick! One of our most recent e-commerce web design projects was developing a website for The Pet Company. They were stunned with their slick new website, where their primary focus was selling pet medicine online. You can check out their site here.

Here are some top tips of optimising your site to give the best possible user experience, which will in turn drive traffic and promote sales!

1) Make searching and browsing easy

First and foremost, it is imperative that finding products is quick and easy to do. Whether the user is browsing through new clothing or searching to find a specific brand of household flea spray – the type of products you sell can define how users will interact with your website. For example, businesses that sell clothing are more likely to have users that want to browse their website for different options, whereas a website that sells cleaning supplies is more likely to have users that will want to search for a specific item they are looking for.


2) Don’t forget to optimise for multiple devices

The desktop is slowly becoming an ancient device used by the few, even though it is the default device for most websites. Tablets and phones are being used more and more often for shopping, so having a website that is optimised for use on multiple devices is critical to ensure you reach your entire target audience, as many are on the go and want to quickly buy what they need. Websites that haven’t been optimised for devices are typically very difficult for a user to navigate, browse through and – most importantly – buy on. Even the simplest of tasks such as reading a description can be much harder, and users will often go elsewhere – because who wants to spend their time trying to work their way around a ridiculously fiddly website?


3) Simplify the checkout process

Making a purchase should be a simple process, where there’s not too many pages or too many content fields to fill out – only the most necessary should be included. To help your customers fill out the fields, where applicable, allow them to use dropdown options and tick boxes. This can help them save a lot of time, which will encourage them to complete the checkout and even come back for future purchases.


4) Optimise the website to ensure it is working at full capacity

Time is a valuable concept that no one wants to waste (unless you’re the Brighton & Hove goalkeeper when playing against Tottenham Hotspur), so making sure your website is working as quickly as possible is paramount. We work to a benchmark of a 2 second load time, however this isn’t always possible. Optimising file size and code on your website is an important part of producing a fast loading website – did you know most users will click away if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load? If your website’s speed is slowing down sales, it may be time to revisit your e-commerce web design.


5) Allow for both guest and account checkout

Remembering your passwords is a bit of a pain, especially when you have so many! Allowing your customers to log out without having an account can help save them the pain of trying all their different passwords before they find the right one, potentially causing them to click away and try a different website. Allowing a guest checkout will end with a happy customer, pleased with the experience of using your website – thus encouraging them to return for a future purchase.


We implement all these tips when designing and developing an Ecommerce site for our clients. Whilst sometimes it is not possible to fully utilize all these features, we will always offer recommendations where we can to ensure our clients get the website they want, and the customers get the best possible buying experience to keep them coming back, time and time again.


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