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What Can The Channel Learn From YouTube?

If you’re involved in the channel, you’ll probably be well aware that attendance for scheduled partner update calls is at an all-time low, and it doesn’t look like this will be changing anytime soon.

Like every other company, channel partners have a list of priorities, with ‘increase sales’ sat firmly at the top of that list.

If the channel partners feel like your monthly calls are not helping them progress towards that goal, chances are they’ll prioritise other things and miss out on the important new product or sales information you’ll be sharing.

So how do you increase the value offered by your monthly calls?

The first and most important trick is to make them engaging. Nobody wants to sit through a monotonous stream of business jargon – that makes me switch off just thinking about it. Captivate your partners by providing valuable information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. Here’s how:

Display The Energy You Want To See

With online streaming and other on-demand content becoming the norm, people all over the globe are beginning to shift from live calls to a more instant form of content which they can view at a time that suits them.

Despite this, when people do eventually get together, you gain the important ability to share your energy and enthusiasm with the partners. When done right, this can have a substantial effect on your partners.

This is where YouTube comes in. Take a look at how popular YouTuber Casey Neistat conveys himself – he is quirky in nature, and that definitely plays to his strengths in his videos. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and is a big part of what makes him so engaging for his millions of daily viewers.


I’m not saying you should take your partner calls whilst skateboarding through New York (although that would be both impressive and engaging). The idea here is to be naturally engaging, interesting and most importantly, real. Partners will want to understand and relate to what you’re saying – sticking to the status quo by speaking purely in corporate-speak will cause most partners to lose interest.

Create Chemistry With Other Presenters

What’s worse that one person spouting corporate jargon at you for an hour?

Two people spouting corporate jargon at you for an hour.

YouTubers often collaborate with other YouTubers in an attempt to gain a portion of each other’s audience. When done right, this form of self-advertisement is second to none. When done wrong, it can come across as boring and awkward.

The same goes for the channel. When it comes to monthly partner calls, we often get paired up with another co-worker to help present information. The key here is choosing presenters who are not only engaging, but can bounce off each other in a way that is fun, yet still informative.


If you decide to do away with live partner calls altogether, you can still accomplish what you need via on-demand video. This will give you a chance to rehearse the information you’re providing and the way you’re presenting it. Remember, partner queries are still important – if you plan on going down this route, consider hosting regular live Q&A sessions with partners.

No matter what style works for you and your partners, your delivery is key. Use your presentation to get people excited about being your channel partners, and create enthusiasm within the partner company to help boost sales.

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