What Is a Channel Marketing Concierge & Why Use One?

What is a Channel Marketing Concierge and why would you use one?

As a software vendor, you are busy creating products that customers want. As a partner of a software vendor, you are busy trying to build your business and push the systems which help you do this the quickest.

As a vendor, you require your partners to push your products into the market and drive demand. As a partner, you require help from the vendor to help drive demand through breakthrough technology.

Communication between the two is key here – the vendor needs to understand its channel. The partner needs to understand what help the vendor can offer them. Communication is vital between the two, however communication is exactly what many channels lack – leading to poor sales, frustration, mixed messages, and ultimately failure. This is where a Channel Marketing Concierge comes in – they can bridge this communication gap and more.

A Marketing Concierge can help vendors and partners in multiple different ways. These include:

  1. Alignment

A Channel Marketing Concierge can aid in aligning partners to drive the sale pipeline by aiding in marketing coordination, increasing awareness of resources the vendor to partners, such as MDF. And understanding the pain points partners experience when dealing with prospects, that can then be fed back to the vendor.

  1. Consistency

Channel Concierges are in the unique position to offer a consistent brand message, whilst allowing partners to add local business information along with other customized content. Co-branding such as this is a powerful and often underrated tool when building a local customer base.

  1. Improved Trackability

Due to their position, concierges are able to view which channel marketing tactics are the most popular with your partner network. They can easily see what works and what doesn’t work for your brand – thus enabling you to make better, more effective marketing decisions.

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A Marketing Concierge service not only helps you, but also makes life much easier for your partners, too. Below is just some of the ways a Concierge can benefit your partners:

  1. Saving Costs

By giving partners the funds to apply the tactics made available through the concierge, you are effectively giving your partners a far larger incentive to obtain professional guidance with their marketing. In addition, you are aiding them by offsetting the costs involved when marketing your brand.

  1. Execution

Many consider the biggest benefit of utilising a Marketing Concierge to be their ability to give and then execute strategic local marketing on your partners’ behalf.

This results in your partners being able to carry on marketing your brand, whilst focusing on the daily operations of running their business and driving the sales pipeline.

A professionally designed and well-executed Marketing Concierge system will become invaluable to you and your partners. To find out more about what a dedicated Concierge can do for you, visit Gorilla EMEA  for more information.

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