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Why Messaging Apps are more popular than Social Media today

  • On August 17, 2015
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According to a recent discovery by BI intelligence, it seems that the world domination enjoyed by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter is now on the wane.

This is certainly the case as far as instant messaging is concerned and the leading four applications are currently neck and neck with their social media counterparts and are threatening to overtake them in the future.

The figures that matter

In terms of numbers, the daily amount of people logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn has been calculated to be around the 2.125 billion mark. That is very impressive but is matched by those preferring to use WeChat, Viber, LINE, FB Messenger and WhatsApp for their messaging purposes.

Handheld and static users

What makes this comparison even more impressive is the fact that all of the statistics for the instant messaging applications are only from mobile devices. There are plenty more people who also use these cool apps from their laptops and PCs.

Why is this happening?

The obvious reason would be to say that trends dictate this kind of shift simply down to fads and coolness, but that is simply not true here. We’ve looked closely at the situation and the following 3 reasons seem to offer an answer of sorts:

  • The typical technology user has always preferred to use messaging in order to contact their buddies. There simply is no better method for gaining one’s attention.
  • Messaging is faster and more direct and takes up less time in today’s busy world.
  • Instant messaging offers real time connectivity and has all but replaced long distance phone calls because it offers voice and video options for free without the need for complicated networks and account set ups.

On top of these points, instant messaging apps also have a bundle of cool extras including digital stickers, GIF’s, video clips and many more attractive options that appeal to all age groups.  The huge market in China seems to prefer WeChat whilst LINE is the one to use in India and Thailand. Once the USA get up to speed with their own user base, it looks as if Social Media will be waving goodbye to this potentially massive market.

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