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B2B Blogging: Your Secret Weapon


When you think B2B marketing strategies, blogging probably isn’t what comes to mind. With good reason – blogs don’t directly contribute to market sales, your pipeline, or the efficacy of your partners.

This may explain why only 33% of B2B companies are actively utilising blogs. 

Naturally, you would assume the companies choosing not to blog are using their time far more wisely, instead opting to nurture more straightforward routes to conversions such as email marketing, brand awareness campaigns, and all the other activities that directly generate leads.  

And naturally, you’d be mistaken.

Any B2B marketing agency worth their salt will know the Search Engine Optimisation benefits of maintaining a blog provide enough justification for doing it alone. Yet what is often not discussed are the B2B sales benefits – besides giving your website a big swig of SEO juice.

The stats speak for themselves:


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Influence, Inform, Inspire

You read that correctly – 409 million readers viewing 22.2 billion blogs each month.

B2B buyers are quickly shifting towards a self-service purchase model. They perform most of the product research and decision making themselves, online.

If you want buyers to seriously consider your product, it is crucial they are informed about your offerings during this early research stage.

Blogs often rank for long-tail keywords, which include question-based search terms. These can help you reach buyers much earlier in the purchasing process. Provide them with genuine, usable information, and you’re on track to forming lasting connections with potential buyers.


Stacking Returns

Paid marketing channels are unquestionably effective, yet tend to stop producing results when you stop paying. Stop an ad campaign, and you’ll get no further value from it unless you restart it.

This makes blogs stand out – write them once, and they’ll provide stacking returns for as long as the content is relevant.

Google will never penalise your site for having too much relevant content – so use this to your advantage. More quality blog content = higher generated traffic, leads and business opportunities.

Note the word ‘quality’ – simply shoving out hordes of unthoughtful, irrelevant content will only lower rankings and ultimately, turn buyers away.


Spread the Word

91% of all B2B purchases are influenced by word of mouth.

By placing a focus on your content being useful, usable and educational (rather than being unapologetically sales-focused throughout), you are inevitably creating your most sharable content.

This does wonders for brand awareness, brand trust, social media strategy, site traffic, keyword rankings… You get the idea.

Keep it informative first, and watch your organic traffic & link shares blossom.



Even if you do everything by-the-book, it’ll take a while for your blog to get off the ground. Once it is, there’s no telling whether a blog post will be a hit or not.

It may feel unrewarding or demoralising, to begin with. Be that as it may, the key to a successful blog strategy is consistency. 

Keep producing the content your buyers want to see, by appealing to their interests and understanding their problems.


With 2020 mere moments away, B2B organisations worldwide are finalising their marketing strategies for 2020 and beyond.

If you’re looking for marketing strategy guidance or help with your channel services, contact Gorilla. We’re the B2B marketing agency with years of experience in channel development – click here for more information.


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